Honorary members of the SOC

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Bobula Juraj

In 2007, the Slovak Olympic Committee honoured the long-time significant merits of Juraj Bobula in t

Čáslavská Věra

Věra Čáslavská is the most successful Olympian in the Czechoslovak history.

Černušák Vladimír

Vladimír Černušák was historically the first Slovak in the position of the Member of the Internation

Glesk Pavol

Pavol Glesk was the long-time significant athletic coach, official, physical education pedagogue.

Golian Bohumil

The best Slovak volleyball player of the 20th century played in the national team of Czechoslovakia

Handzo Pavel

Pavel Handzo is one of the most distinct personalities in the field of health care after sportsmen

Ihring Anton

Anton Ihring consecrate more than 50 years to sports.  He started as an athlete with shot put.

Kadnár Ľubomír

The participant in K-4 at the Olympic Games in 1972 in Munich was 26-fold Champion

Mašlonka Štefan

He started working externally in radio broadcasting in 1940.

Matocha Jan

He coached for example Ĺ. Kadnár, or Š. Lukačovič, and L. Čepčiansky grew up close to Matocha.

Mauer Ivan

Mauer Ivan

Mitošinka Ján

In 1949 – 1962, he played ice hockey for Kúpele Piešťany, Dukla Olomouc, Slávia Nymburk,...

Mráz Ján

Ján Mráz, one of the most significant Slovak sports officials

Pospíšil Peter

During his player´s career, Peter Pospíšil devoted to sports photography

Stráňai Karol

He started being devoted to sports under the leadership of Eduard Adamko at the Real High School