Alexander Prokopp

  • Sports shooting
  • Gold

  • 1912
  • 300m military rifle
7.5.1887 Košice – 4.11.1964 Budapest (Hungary)

The Games of IV Olympiad 1908 London - 43rd place - 300m free rifle
The Games of VIII Olympiad 1924 Paris - 53th place - 25 m rapid fire pistol, 55th place - 600 m free rifle

Alexander Prokopp lived on his birthplace till his 12. Then his family moved to Budapest. Here, he started devoting to shooting and became the international contestant of the Kingdom of Hungary, later Hungary. Before the Olympiad in Stockholm, he was not mentioned in the original line-up of the delegation of the Hungarian Kingdom. Finally, he got the chance to start, yet at his own costs. He triumphed in 300m military rifle shooting, where 91 contestants started. With his performance of 97 points, he pushed away the Olympic multi-medallist and later altogether five-fold Olympic Champion Carl Townsend Osburn from the USA to second place.