Ľudovít Kmeťko

  • Gymnastics
  • Silver

  • 1912
  • Free team gymnastics
22. 3. 1884  Košice – 4. 1. 1952 Budapest (Hungary)

The Košice native, Ľudovít Kmeťko, was P.E. teacher at the Real High School in Košice, as well as the coach of gymnasts and other sportsmen. In 1907 – 1912, he was the member of KAC Košice club. He went in for gymnastics of the German training program (the other style was the "Swedish program") on the basis of the example of his older brother Ján (János) Kmeťko. He met his brother also at the Olympic Games 1912 Stockholm – Ján was the coach and Ľudovít the gymnast belonging to the 16-member team of the kingdom of Hungary in so called team multi-contest II. With regards to then different ways of gymnastics, there were three separate competitions of team multi-contest at the Olympiad. In 1913, he moved to Budapest, where he worked as the P.E. teacher at the State High School in Buda and did gymnastics in the BTC Budapest club. His sports career was terminated by the World War I.