Vojtech Zulawsky

  • Fencing
  • Silver

  • 1908
  • Sabre
23. 10. 1869  Trebišov - 24. 10. 1914 Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Games of IV Olympiad 1908 London – cord – eliminated in 1st round
The Games of V Olympiad 1912 Stockholm - sabre individuals – no place, fleuret - no place.
They managed to discover the origin of Vojtech (Béla) Zulawsky in Slovakia, in particular in Trebišov, rather late. Zulawsky completed the fencing programme of Italian master Santelli and in sabre he underwent the change in technique from the movement of a wrist to the movement of the entire arm. Since 1897, he was a P.E., fencing and Hungarian language teacher at the Real School in Köszeg. At the beginning of the 20th century, he moved to Budapest in the interest of his fencing career, where he competed for MAC club. The life of successful Olympian was ended just at the age of 45 in the World War I. As the Major of the Austro-Hungarian army, Zulawszky died in the fights at Sarajevo.